Marc is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, physical training advisor, nutritional consultant, and holistic
lifestyle coach.

By combining his understanding of medical and scientific knowledge on health and well being with a
practical, individualized, clinical approach, he has worked with and helped his clients achieve their desired fitness and health goals.

Mixing his passion for optimal living, fitness, and nutrition from an early fascination with health, experimentation in the Air Force, and medical insight from nursing, he provides a distinct approach to health.

Concentrating on a holistic approach to each client’s unique needs, he addresses nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle to not only help them piece together their vision of optimal living but also exceed it.

Marc focuses on a clean, fresh, real, sustainable, whole foods approach as the starting foundation of quality living. Rest and recovery follow, ensuring that the body is as restored and free of stress as possible. This sets the stage for training that’s geared to maximize dynamics, movement, speed, and strength.